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Dispatchers must ensure drivers are aware of and comply with FMCSA rules and regulations and must also ensure that trucks and other equipment meet safety and mechanical requirements.

If you don’t currently have a factor, we have factors we can recommend. We can recommend quality factors based on your needs and requirements. We partner with this company

A factoring company is an organization that will wait for brokers to pay on your invoices for a small fee. In return they’ll pay you right away and keep your cash flow going.

Absolutely! We’re looking for serious and hardworking owner operators who want to put on miles at good rates. Granted, as a new carrier it will be much more difficult for us to find you the truly great loads since all too many brokers and shippers will not work with carriers whose MC Authority is less than six months or one year. Once you’ve passed the one year mark, almost every broker becomes fair game.

We work with Owner Operators working under their own MC authority as well as carriers with company drivers.