Why Owner-Operators Should Hire an Independent Dispatcher

One thing all major trucking companies have in common, is they all have dispatchers. Dispatchers are a vital part of the trucking industry because a fleet of trucks need instruction, direction and support in order to move the hundreds of thousands of tons of freight throughout the country.

The Dispatcher’s job is detailed oriented and requires complete focus and the ability to multitask. They are constantly scheduling each truck or a team of trucks their next load, the load after that and the one after that.

They have to consider timing, FMCSA rules and regulations, truck maintenance, be prepared for breakdowns and other unforeseen events out there over the road. All this is needed to maintain a successful fleet of trucks and be financially beneficial for the drivers.

In the case of an owner-operator, if the owner’s goal is to build a fleet of trucks, only if its two or three trucks, that owner should consider the concept of expanding his or her business the right way. In order for the small fleet to operate smoothly, having a dispatcher helps take the pressures and small tasks off the owner and his or her other drivers.

Dispatchers can also serve in the role of recruiting other drivers for the owner if growth is the goal. However, if the owner is satisfied with only 1 or two trucks that they feel they can dispatch themselves, that’s fine too. But when considering growth, a dispatcher is a good investment.

The owner should consider saving time as well as money in addition to relieving the stresses of paperwork, negotiations, and other on the road problems that could arise. The dispatcher should be well-informed by the owner of their truck needs and capacity, financial expectations, and work load.

For a small percentage of their profits, the owner is actually investing in his or her business by simplifying the work load, showing respect for their other driver employees, and providing employment for someone else.

Owner operators who discourage the use of independent dispatchers are apparently short-sighted where it pertains to the growth of their company and the vision of how a real trucking company should function.