Dispatching & Logistics Solutions

company profile

Interstate Dispatching is family owned by Colin H., a professional driver who understands what it takes to make a living on the road. As a class A driver for over 12 years, and experience of owning a truck in the past, he works toward maximizing safety, pay, work-life balance, and business skills that help others in the industry.

As an owner operator, you need to uderstand what it takes to run your business and what life is really like on the road. You also want to stay safe and drive a safe vehicle. We offer pre and post trip inspection tips, compliance information, hours of service tips, and trip planning stategies that help you save time.

our mission

Our goal is to keep the highways safe for all drivers; four to 18 wheelers. Please take a moment to review our compliance page faqs, our short videos about highway safety, and our introduction to finding loads and booking them to fit your home-time needs.

our promise

  • Constant and Open Communication
  • Honesty, professional business ethics
  • Accountability and keeping you informed of the latest industry standards
  • Safety as top priority in assuring FMCSA Compliance
  • Investing in technology to provide fast, accurate and cost-effective service
  • 24-hour service for your personal assurance

Our core values


Always learning

We study the transportation industry from A-Z in order to inform others of the latest market changes.

Latest Technology

We keep drivers and others in the industry updated with the latest news, technology and advancements in trucking.

Safety & Quality

We definitely believe in safety which is why we make sure we get the right loads and the best lanes.

Know the Interstate

Check out some of our photos of the beautiful United States. Drivers should always enjoy and appreciate what they do.