Interstate Truck Dispatching Guide: An Elementary Guide to Independent Freight Dispatching

This is a fundamental guide to entry-level dispatching from home. Learn the basics from A-Z on how to setup your business model, prepare your home office, find clients and loads, and then book them pick-up to drop-off. The book provides appendixes for trucking terminology, brokerages throughout the country, and help links into the trucking industry.

We also offer mentoring and support for those who purchase the book and have questions about the process as they get started in business. We provide phone and email support and are working toward a community forum to post comments and questions and to stay up-to-date on the current trucking trends.

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fillable forms

As an added bonus to your purchase, we are offering fillable PDF Dispatcher/Carrier Agreements, Driver and Equipment Profile, and Limited Power of Attorney forms customized for your business. Simply send us your company name, owner name, logo, and state of business operation. Email to:

table of contents

  • Introduction: Overview of the Trucking Industry
  • Chapter 1: The Dispatchers Job
  • Chapter 2: Industry and Customer Service Skills
  • Chapter 3: Driver Recruiting and Equipment Type
  • Chapter 4: Load Boards and the Booking Process
  • Chapter 5: Dispatching Services, Terminology, Links and Example Forms

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